About me

I’m a typography lover and book sniffer.
I make and enjoy simple things.

Life and work

As you probably already guessed, my name is Antonio. I live and work in Berlin but I am from Sardinia, a sunny island in middle of the Mediterranean Sea and I spent 11 years of my life in Pisa, Tuscany, where I studied computer engineering, and ran a one-man design studio.

I did not graduate as my job took higher priority over the years and my interests shifted considerably. However, my academic experience is a substantial part of my education and among other amazing things, I learned what the Kirchhoff’s circuit laws are, and how to use them. :)

I like to code my designs using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and I feel confortable using tools like Git in my day to day work.


I like photography and I like to sing, particularly classical pieces. I had the honor to take part in different mise-en-scene of popular operas1 as a tenor in a choir that exhibited in different theaters in Italy and Germany.


All the photos2 I used to showcase the work have been taken by me using a Nikon D50 and an old Hasselblad 500 C/M film camera which mounts a great Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm lens.

The content of this website is managed by Kirby and typesetted using Merriweather and its Sans companion. Everything is made and published using various softwares3. I used Entypo and Font Awesome for the pictograms. The font in the logo is Stacked.

  1. Rigoletto, Aida, Il Trovatore, Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Andrea Chénier and Cavalleria Rusticana to name some. 

  2. The photo of Italo Calvino (scanned from an old newspaper) and the panoramic shot of the mansion are not shoots of mine. 

  3. E.g. Textmate, Git, iA Writer, Transmit