About me

I'm a typography lover and book sniffer.
I make and enjoy simple things.

Life and work

I’m an Italian living and working in beautiful Berlin, Germany.
I grew up in Sardinia, a sunny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. I have been lucky enough to spend 12 years of my life in Tuscany, where I ran a one-man design business while studying Computer Engineering at the University of Pisa.

I did not graduate; my job took higher priority over the years and my interests changed over time. However, my academic experience is an important aspect of my education and it contributed substantially to build the rich spectrum of skills I have today.

I am a UI/UX designer at heart, but I also like to program. I write code using mainly JavaScript, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS and I feel confortable using programming tools like Git in my daily work.


I like photography, fixing old typewriters, and singing. During my time in Pisa, I took part in several mise-en-scene of popular operas1 as a tenor, performing for theaters in Italy, Austria, and Germany.


All the photos2 used to showcase my work have been taken using both my film and digital cameras.

The website is generated using Eleventy, and served through GitHub. The content is “typesetted” using Merriweather and its sans companion Merriweather Sans, while the font I used to create the header logo is Stacked by Denise Chandler.

I also used a number of other tools.3

  1. Rigoletto, Aida, Il Trovatore, Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Andrea Chénier and Cavalleria Rusticana to name some. ↩︎

  2. The photo of Italo Calvino (scanned from an old newspaper) and the aerial shot of the mansion are not shots of mine. ↩︎

  3. E.g. Visual Studio Code, Git, Tower. ↩︎